Hi! I'm Ben.


New: Click here to check out a bartending web app I'm working on!


I’m Ben Stanfield, a recent graduate of the Iovine & Young Academy, now working full-time on a company called Wren.


🌟 Spark SC

Technology and entrepreneurship club at USC.

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⛵ Skipper

Tech startup helping SMBs use their workforce data to make work better.

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🔐 Hacking for Defense

Project with U.S. State Department to counter terrorism online.

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🇮🇹 Laudato Si' Challenge

Green tech accelerator inspired by Pope Francis, hosted in Rome.

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🌳 Bonsai

AI startup building a deep reinforcement learning platform for enterprise.

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📚 Medium Articles

Articles going in-depth on design projects for KPCB.

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💓 Pulse

What I’ve been up to recently... check back in every once in a while for a new Pulse update!

🍸 Building a bartending web app using Next.js

In September 2020, I made a free bartending web app using Next.js. Scores 100/100 on Google Lighthouse. Blog post coming soon!

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I've worked in a few different positions, from designer and developer at Bonsai AI to associate at Fresco Capital, and in leadership positions as president of Spark SC and co-founder of Project Wren. I'm deeply interested in the future of capitalism, and how new-age companies will reference social impact alongside their financial bottomline when making decisions.

I'm thinking a lot right now about reversing climate change, Full-stack Javascript development, functional programming, and basketball. Great design is something I always keep an eye out for.